We appreciate our partners. Our partners provide the support and services we need to ensure our success. They make our job easier and allow us to focus on the development of GhostBSD.


Mirror providers

Our South Africa Mirror is provided by Honeyguide.

Honeyguide is a small Impact Enterprise operating since 2004 in Europe and Southern Africa, focusing on two complementary scopes. We center on Digitalisation & Digital Work Innovation, Open Source Technologies and for Southern Africa combine this with Select Entrepreneurship & Equity Investments. Please visit them at for more information.

Our Norway Mirror is provided by Modirum.

Modirum is a small but growing, multi-national company that provides both software and hosted services for banks, merchants, payment service providers and card companies all over the world. We use FreeBSD for all our hosted services, from routers and firewalls to application servers and databases. Please visit them at for more information.


Interested in building a partnership with GhostBSD?

We are always interested in new partnerships. A partnership that provides a service or support to GhostBSD or the community is more than welcome. A partner can also be a vendor that sells or distributes products associated with GhostBSD around the world.

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