A simple, elegant desktop BSD Operating System


GhostBSD provides a simple desktop-oriented operating system based on FreeBSD with MATE and OS packages for simplicity. In addition, GhostBSD has a selection of commonly used software preinstalled to make it easy on your computing journey.


GhostBSD uses the GTK environment to provide a beautiful look and a comfortable experience on the modern BSD platform offering a natural and native Unix work environment.

It is BSD

GhostBSD is built on top of FreeBSD code, and its roots go back to the University of California Berkeley Unix Research. Historically it was referred to as "BSD Unix" or "Berkeley Unix." However, today it is called BSD for Berkeley Software Distribution.

Latest News

The switch to FreeBSD rc.d is coming

After trying to keep all services for OpenRC up to date with FreeBSD services, I weighed the pros and cons of OpenRC. The only pro that made the decision hard to make was OpenRC's services status feature, so I turned to the community with a poll to see the consensus.

The poll was up for a week. The results are as follows:
FreeBSD RC (rc.d) 68% (217 votes)
OpenRC 32% (104 votes)
The Total of votes: 321