Some changes coming to GhostBSD or should I say to GhostOS

I have read a lot of comments, posts, and tweets lately. I have been reflecting a lot, and I think it is time to rename GhostBSD to GhostOS and switch to base system to Arch. After all, from the comment below, GhostBSD will never become popular if we do not become GNU and FSF compliant.

See the whole post about it here:

FreeBSD primarily focuses on being for embedded systems and servers. Building a Desktop OS on that kind of system does nothing good. As was said before, the Desktop experience will not improve if no one uses it on FreeBSD. There have been a lot of talks, and there is a new blog post about it.

See the blog post here:

It has been known that FreeBSD devs have been seen in most BSD conventions using MacBook instead of dogfooding their OS.

Regarding hardware support, FreeBSD is behind, specifically in the WIFI area. It just makes sense to change the OS base.

GhostBSD is a project focusing on Desktops and Laptops before being a BSD OS. It makes only sense to do what is best for a Desktop OS to survive. So expect changes to come slowly. The naming of the OS will be the first thing to change. You might see the system name change to GhostOS, but until the new system is ready, expect regular GhostBSD updates.

I hope that everyone has a good April first.


Ha, ha! Very funny

Joke failed, no one believes to new name GhostOS :-) :-)

I never even got to the point where I read the last sentence -  I was so confused.

Will be a shame...

BSD lacks wifi support. Is true.

I almost fell for this one LOL!

Don't succumb to one persons comment? Linux already has way too many "OS's". It wont help you! Keep FreeBSD and get rid of Mate. Use KDE to get more users!

Happy 1st April to you too.


I have been a Linux user for some years now, and while I have now settled on the Pop_OS distro created and developed by System 76, I have tried Ghost BSD. As a desk top system for the home user it is a good OS. As for the question of proprietary or non-proprietary, this is usually a problem for coders and other power users only. However, even many Linux distros use non-free elements to be useful. As to licensing, again this is a problem mainly for coders and other power users, not general end users who just want a computer that works.

The main problem with Ghost BSD is the databases used for hardware detection, particularly Wi-Fi and printer support. As a matter of priority they need to be improved greatly along with multi-media codecs support. Improving these would greatly enhance Ghost BSD acceptability as a desktop OS. Plus, app installation program needs a GUI facelift badly. Improving these has to be a priority if you want Ghost BSD to be an acceptable desktop OS. Oh, and fix the problem with DRM support especially with Firefox.

If these things were done, I'd switch to Ghost BSD in a heart beat. But Arch, really, with the hundreds of Linux distros out now? No, I would definitely drop Ghost BSD as a contender for my desktop, please don't. However, I might switch now. It would mean I'd have to adjust my workflow somewhat, but not if you change it to Ghost OS based on Arch.

As I see it, if you switch from FreeBSD base to yet another Linux based system, you will kill your project for sure. there are tons and tons of Linux distros already, so what would differentiate "GhostOS", if it is just another Arch-based Linux? Why would I choose GhostOS over Arch, EndeavourOS, Artix, etc.? FYI I am a very happy Artix user already and am VERY unlikely to switch to a "new-kid-on-the-block" Arch system. Just something to perhaps think about, as you consider the road forward for Ghost...

shit fuck.  you rejected my answer to the captcha question, but in doing so, you threw out the comment I took all that time to write.  fuck you!  seriously, this pisses me off!!!!!!!!!  I'll consider re-typing something if I can convince myself I can get it submitted.

ok, the capcha works now.  so what the hell do I say?  thanks's for informing me that nobody uses bsd for use as a desktop computer.  I thought people did.  clearly I was wrong.  I've heard so many good things about bsd that I assumed it was where I wanted to end up.  I currently use ubuntu.  I find it super wierd that you're switching from bsd to arch.  sounds to me like a betrayal of bsd.  if I want arch, I already have an iso of manjaro.  you are supposed to be the easy way to setup a desktop computer that uses bsd.  I'm here because I was about to download your iso.  I suppose I still can, and it'll still be based on bsd.  but I won't adopt an operating system that won't have support well into the future.  I'm not a fool..  anyway, at least you're honest about it.  though why you would want to become merely another flavour of linux is beyond me.  being bsd makes (made) you special.  each to their own.

hi, it is sad to see GhostBSD go to a Linux base.  I have been hoping and waiting for over 10 years for a usable BSD desktop, and have seen a few come and go, like DesktopBSD, PCBSD.  I had great hopes that GhostBSD, might get to the stage where I could use it in everyday use. It does not look as if there is an alternative to GhostBSD at the moment, and I might be waiting a long time yet for an every-day use BSD desktop.  But many thanks for all the work you have put in to develop GhostBSD so far.  All the best for the future!

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